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        • ZH JPN Site map
        • Company profile
        • Company honor
        • Development history
        • Business philosophy
        Nantong AMC machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1997. It’s a joint venture cooperated by Nantong Fude Industry Co., Ltd and Japan A.M.C Company and Zhong da investment.It is located in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone with the reputation of “the brilliant pearl of the sea and Yangtze river”.
        Excellent supplier
        jiangsu province high-tech enterprise
        jiangsu province private technology enterprise
        In December 1997, nantong aixi machinery co., LTD was formally established
        In April 1998, the pipe joint was put into production
        In January 2002, the oil machine department established
        In November 2003, the domestic sales of pipe joint began
        Company policy: quality is the biggest magic weapon, quality is the only shortcut to success